In 2006, I graduated from P.A.R.T.S, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's contemporary dance school in Brussels. Throughout my career, I danced for many companies in Europe. I currently work in the performing arts world as a movement director for opera and theatre, a dance lecturer and an artistic coordinator. In 2017, I earned a diploma with distinction from the RHOK academy in Brussels after completing its 6 year art jewelry program. I now additionally work as a jeweler and object maker and combine the practices of performing arts and jewelry making.


I want to give contemporary jewelry its importance and relevance as a work of art, take it beyond the textbook definition of jewelry as commonly understood and invest in the conceptualization and design of pieces that are as much jewelry as sculptures, installations or performances, with the body as a path or subject.
As a reminder, the definitions of jewel and dance are as follows:
Jewel: A small ornamental object, precious by material or by work and used for adornment.
Dance: The art of expressing oneself by performing choreographic compositions.
It seems to me that these definitions are, if not limiting, very far from contemporary artistic practices and issues.

Jewelry and dance share common properties: the perception of the body, the organization of a material in time and space and the articulation of craftsmanship. Through performative practices and jewelry making, I question the essence of what we understand as jewelry and how this art communicates with the public.

Jewelry is an artistic expression that should be recognized in a broad and interdisciplinary frame of reference: it speaks of the body, the world, and therefore of a manifestation of our humanity.
There is no society without dance, just as there is no society without jewelry, which makes them be two essential subjects of study.

My practice is not to add dance to jewelry or jewelry to dance, but find the common DNA between performing arts and jewelry.


Solo exhibitions

Athens Jewelry Week– Athens (GR)–Winner of the Joya Prize during the AJW

Group exhibitions

Joya Barcelona – Barcelona (ES)
World Craft Council, vitrine d'été – Mons (BE)
World Craft Council, vitrine des créateurs – Mons (BE)
European triennial of contemporary jewelry – Mons (BE), Stockholm (SE), Paris (FR)
Common ground – Mechelen (BE)
RHOK – Brussels (BE)
Jewelmania – Brussels (BE)
RHOK – Brussels (BE)

Professional experience

Artistic coordinator
Dance and performing arts lecturer
Contemporary dancer and movement director for opera and theater productions

Artistic education

RHOK academy of visual arts, jewelry section – Brussels (BE)
P.A.R.T.S. / Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker – Brussels (BE)
Junior Ballet d'Aquitaine – Bordeaux (FR)
R.I.D.C – Paris (FR)
Centre Irène Popard – Paris (FR)