I am a French artist living in Brussels. I trained in contemporary dance at the Rencontres Internationales de Danse Contemporaine in Paris and the Junior Ballet d'Aquitaine in Bordeaux. I completed my studies at the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker in Brussels, from which I graduated in 2006. While pursuing a career as a dancer in numerous companies, I obtained a diploma in contemporary jewelry at the RHOK academy of arts in Brussels in 2017.

Currently, I work in the fields of performing arts and contemporary jewelry. Drawing on my experience as a contemporary dancer, I work as a movement director and artistic collaborator to the duo of opera stage directors Clarac-Deloeuil>Le Lab.

Additionally, I work as a reviewer for Pzazz a website that publishes daily reviews of shows performed in Belgium. Writing articles is a continuation of my many years of dance introductions I have been giving in theater venues in Belgium and abroad.

As a contemporary jewelry designer, I develop pieces of jewelry that are as much sculptures, installations and performances as they are jewelry, for which the body is both a subject and a path.

My jewelry work has been exhibited at numerous art events, including the European triennial for contemporary jewelry in Paris, Mons and Stockholm, the Athens, Barcelona, Budapest and Brussels Jewelry Weeks, art galleries in Strasbourg and Melbourne, the Z33 museum in Hasselt, and the Beijing Design Week.


Viewing contemporary jewelry as an art form may take jewelry away from its traditional definition, but brings it closer to contemporary artistic practices. The contemporary jewelry proposals I make speak about the body and can be seen in a broad, interdisciplinary frame of reference.

In my work, I am most interested in the connection between jewelry and movement. With years of experience as a professional dancer, I have an intimate understanding of movement both technically and emotionally. A number of properties, such as awareness of the body, material arrangement, spatial understanding, and knowledge formulation, are common to both jewelry and dance. It is these qualities and the interaction with the audience that I see as linking the two disciplines.

Although I care about aesthetics, materials, shapes, colors, and forms, since they allow me to convey my message and create emotional connections, virtuosity is not my primary concern. Yet, I am most excited about the dialogue and the journey of reflection that my pieces enable as they interact with the world.

As a result of my practice, jewelry is neither added to dance nor dance added to jewelry. Instead, using the heterogeneity and the porous nature of these two artistic fields, I strive to find a common DNA between applied arts and performing arts and thereby provide jewelry with a new form of engagement with the public.


Solo exhibitions

Brussels Jewelry Week, Belgium (BE)– Sleeping Beauty (+)
Athens Jewelry Week, Athens (GR)– A Jewelry Piece
Athens Jewelry Week, Athens (GR)– Joya Prize winner during AJW 18– Curiosity

Group exhibitions

BeCraft, Mons (BE)– A Jewelry Piece
BeCraft, Mons (BE)– Curiosity
Beijing Design Week, Beijing (CN)– A Jewelry Piece
Athens Jewelry Week, Athens (GR)– Oxytocin (Red is the color of love)
Budapest Jewelry Week, Budapest (HU)– Oxytocin (Red is the color of love)
Joya Barcelona Off, Barcelona (ES)– A Jewelry Piece
Radical Pavlova, Melbourne (AUS)– A Jewelry Piece
Galerie Art’Course, Strasbourg (FR)– A Jewelry Piece
Joya Barcelona, Barcelona (ES)– Curiosity
BeCraft, Mons (BE)– Memories of Urban Routes
European triennial for contemporary jewelry, Stockholm (SE), Paris (FR)– Curiosity
European triennial for contemporary jewelry, Mons (BE)– Curiosity
Common Ground, Mechelen (BE)– Common Ground
RHOK, Brussels (BE)– Curiosity
Jewelmania, Brussels (BE)– Memories of Urban Routes
RHOK, Brussels (BE)– Memories of Urban Routes

Professional experience

Rehearsal director for dance companies
Reviewer for Pzazz
Independent jewelry maker
Movement director for opera
Performing arts and dance lecturer
Artistic coordinator of P.A.R.T.S. Summer School
Artistic coordinator of the Museum Night Fever for the Jewish museum of Belgium
Contemporary dancer

Artistic education

RHOK academy of arts, Brussels (BE)–Jewelry design certificate
Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.), Brussels (BE)– Training cycle certificate
Junior Ballet d'Aquitaine, Bordeaux (FR)– Graduation certificate with high distinction, certificate in modern jazz dance
Rencontres Internationales de Danse Contemporaine (R.I.D.C), Paris (FR)– Certificate in contemporary dance, anatomy, dance history and music history
Centre Irène Popard, Paris (FR)– First year certificate